What’s Genuine and What’s Not About Foreclosure Property Listings In Dallas?

There is a lot of information available on identifying and finding foreclosures in Dallas, as well as several services that will charge you for accessing their data and information. We also have our own foreclosure property listings in Dallas, Texas. Subscribe to our Foreclosure Property Alert List by clicking here >>


How can you distinguish the difference between reliable information and bogus marketing tactics when it comes to local foreclosure properties?

Foreclosure property listings in Dallas 

Some services, such as foreclosure.com, do an excellent job of aggregating data from many sources. Investors like us utilize them frequently since it is less expensive and faster to use their information than to go through the advertisements ourselves. The main disadvantage of such internet services is that the information included inside them might be a little outdated.

You might be looking at foreclosures that other investors who obtained their information directly from the courthouse received weeks or months ago.

We also utilize other sources.

Many real estate brokers who “expertise in foreclosures” post their own lists, but these are usually just marketing cheap tricks designed to exchange your contact information for outdated items.

There’s no risk in joining up for free mailing lists; if the information isn’t useful, simply unsubscribe.

When you’re just starting out in the foreclosure market, you’ll undoubtedly waste a lot of time getting enthusiastic about properties that have already been sold or no longer available, but that’s part of the learning process.

Compare the properties on the list to what’s published in other lists when you are reviewing a new list to see if it’s valuable.

If you don’t notice anything fresh or exclusive on the list that you can’t acquire anywhere, don’t utilize it.

We do not trade information or give out stale mailing lists as we are not real estate agents.

The properties we advertise and promote are our own investments that we have acquired or have under contract, thus it is a limited but exclusive list.

We’ve established a small, close-knit network of long-term investors looking to buy reliable investment properties in Dallas, Texas.

We locate great discounts and share them on – all while maintaining a modest profit that allows us to continue in business.

When we find a good offer on an affordable foreclosure (or non-foreclosure – distressed property), we put it on the list and sell it quickly.

If you’re ready to buy and looking for affordable real estate in Dallas, sign up – you’ll only hear from us as we have special and exclusive deals in Dallas that you won’t find anywhere else.

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