Why Probate Properties Could Be The Best Deals in Austin

A Motivated Reason To Sell The probate process can be lengthy. While everything must go through the judge for approval, if there are few debts and adequate assets, executors could be motivated to sell sooner than later to avoid continuing maintenance, property tax bills and the potential of market conditions declining as the property sits … Continued

Process For Owner Financing in Texas

Buying a house can be costly, which is why many buyers go to the bank to get a mortgage. But a bank mortgage isn’t right for everyone. If you want to buy a house but don’t want to go to the bank, what can you do? Seller financing is one option – it’s where the … Continued

Is There A Holding Period Before Selling My Inherited Home?

If you’ve inherited a property, you might now be wondering what to do with that property. And if you’re thinking about selling it then you’re probably wondering, “Is there a holding period before selling my inherited home?” Great question. There are a few things you should know in order to answer the question… Is There … Continued

Negotiation Strategies for Buyers in Austin

Negotiation Strategies for Buyers in Austin First Thing’s First… Before you consider any negotiation with a seller, make sure you are thinking logically and are not being fueled by emotions alone. Put together your list of “must-haves” and things that you would simply enjoy having. Don’t confuse the two. Set your budget and don’t budge from … Continued